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Is a team of dynamic and positive young roller-girls ready to help you differently whatever your project is.

To launch a concept or a product, to boost a seasonal activity, to increase visitors, to celebrate an event…

Roller Hostess Malta brings its original and optimistic intervention to make an unforgettable moment.









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By our intervention you can change your image and be far more attractive.

The intervention of our girls brings : surprise, amazement, originality, smile, friendlyness, dynamism, but also seduction and feminity.

It’s a modern and fashionable way to draw attention and to enhance your visibility:
if the traditional hostess is a nice integral part of the scenery , the roller girl hostess becomes a real actress of the event.

The mission is made according to your corporate culture and to your objectives.

It’s an immediate, visible, remarked and efficient advertising for your activity.

Please ask us what you would like, we will discuss of your aims and find together the best for you.

We have so many great ideas for you and your project!!


Street marketing with flyers or tasting of products for shops, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels .. There is always a way to participate whatever your activity is.

Reception, Waitresses, and photocall during special events, private or professional : trade shows, shop inaugurations, great parties, weddings, birthdays, yachts, casinos. Girls know how to make the show also!
Videos and advertising


To consider the adequation between your needs and our offer. 

To make your project successful, each aspect of the mission must be discussed together : the choice of the hostesses, of the costumes, of the make-up and hair style , and even of the attitude; but also the real objective of it. The aim is to highlight your activity the best way, and to create a unique personalized service.

To propose positive and involved hostesses whose aim is to be part of the project realization.

Let’s work together for your efficiency!


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