Roller Hostess Malta Services

You are a shopping center and you want to increase your visitors
You are a restaurant and you want to develop your fame
You are a new retail and you want to make it know
You are a club and you want to propose a new funny approach to your guests
You organize a wedding or a birthday and you are looking for an original touch

Services :

It's easy for roller hostesses to move rapidly on huge spaces:

[ Airport ]

 [ Trade show ]

 [ Shopping malls ]

 [ Casino ]

[ Harbour area ]

In this way, they touch a lot of people quickly and occupy the space to be efficient.

Roller Hostesses work in group to add visual effect and efficiency.


Services we provide include:

{ Promotional operations }

{ Leafleters }

{ Product launches }

{ Hostessing }

{ Waitresses }

{ Event support }



You will have the choice of  : 

[ Hostesses ]

 [ Costumes ]

 [ Make up ]

 [ Hair Style ]

[ Attitude ]


Our aim is to highlight your activity the best way and to create a unique personalized service.

We will propose you positive and involved hostesses whose aim is to be part of the project realization.